About Me

My Story

First of all, thanks for checking out my website.

I got into amateur radio via public service. It started out by going to the Richfield, MN Citizen Police Academy in the fall of 2013. During that class I received information on the Richfield, MN Community Emergency Response Team and I proceeded to sign-up for the very next available basic training session. After a couple of months of being a part of CERT we began discussing acquiring additional training and began to focus on assisting with communications. Of course amateur radio is the intuitive extension of that thought path.

In April of 2014, I took the Element 2 exam and passed to receive my Technician Class license. Since that time I have expanded my skills by assisting with Metro Skywarn Net Control operations as well as other public service, public safety and health & welfare nets. I continue to look for additional learning and operating opportunities.

My Equipment

    Dual Band Handheld Radios

  • Baofeng UV-5RA (2m/70cm)
    This was the first radio that I purchased, about a month before I got my ticket. It works well for its price (about $50 on Amazon), but it is limited by legally only being certified for use with its own rubber duck antenna.
  • Yaesu FT-60R (2m/70cm)
    I purchased this radio to help increase my signal quality and reliability while assisting with public safety/service deployments. It is very rugged and easy to use, I truly enjoy it.
    Single Band Mobile Radio

  • Kenwood TM-281A (2m)
    After running my HT-only for awhile, I found that I operated mostly in my car. Also, Skywarn suggests that you get a well-powered mobile rig to be able to operate in most weather conditions. So, wanting to stay cost-effective, I went with a single-band mobile rig and found that I liked the options and form-factor of the Kenwood. So far it has been a great unit and has worked in every situation I have needed it for so far.